Oneida Pioneer Museum

Pioneer Crayon Portraits, Oneida Pioneer Museum

Malad, Oneida County

  • Grants: 2004, 2015, 2016, 2020, 2022 (crayon portrait preservation)

Location: 27 Bannock Street, Malad, Idaho 83252

The Oneida County Museum is located in the center of Malad City on Bannock Street, itself a spur of the old Oregon Trail. The Museum has made special efforts to preserve their extensive collection of photographs of early settlers. All items in the collection have been donated to the Museum. Thirty of the photographs are large, framed portraits, most of which hang on the walls of the Museum. The photos date from the 1840s through the early 1900s. The Museum also has over 100 other smaller photos that identify people and places important to the history of Oneida County. These are the only copies; the whereabouts of the originals are unknown.

For more information please contact the Oneida Pioneer Museum at (208) 766-9247 and visit their website at

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