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Idaho Heritage Trust fulfills our mission to serve all Idahoans by engaging with and encouraging thousands of volunteers to take an active role in keeping their history alive. At every turn, we are inspired by the passion our volunteers display. The pride they show in their communities is astounding, and we cannot thank them enough for their immeasurable contributions.

Many of the projects we support are spearheaded by volunteers, who do everything from seeking out new projects to coordinating fundraising events. Our volunteer board enthusiastically supports these efforts by providing education, connections, advice, and funding, but it is thanks to the work of people like you that what we love about Idaho will persist for generations to come.

If The Trust is a place you would like to share your time and talents, please let us know. Don’t worry, no experience is necessary. We only require an interest in history and a love for your community.

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Start the Conversation Today

Start the Conversation Today

Volunteers are sorted into seven Regional Committees. The chairperson of each committee also sits on the statewide Idaho Heritage Trust Board of Directors. Committees meet to review their region’s grant applications and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors as to which projects to fund. Additional volunteer activities and opportunities include:

  • Joining Trust members on site visits and our annual tour.
  • Seek out and champion preservation projects in their area.
  • Meet and learn from our network of historians and preservation experts.
  • Promoting Idaho Heritage Trust’s funding and technical assistance programs to organizations and people in your local area.
  • Participate in fundraising activities.
  • Represent The Trust at local events.
  • Build connections with your district Legislators and other government officials.

Mason's Cemetery, Silver City

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