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Our grants must be matched dollar-for-dollar, meaning an excess of $10 million has been invested in preservation projects throughout Idaho when factoring in the remarkable work of our grantees. We would like to thank them for their passion and dedication to our shared mission of serving all Idahoans by preserving Idaho’s culture and history.

Our Impact Idaho Heritage Trust

Your License Plate at Work

You may already support the Idaho Heritage Trust. Thank you!

If your vehicle sports the iconic Scenic Idaho Red, White, and Blue license plates, $1 of your plate fee was invested in our endowment fund and goes directly to support Idaho Heritage Trust’s mission of serving all Idahoans by preserving our culture and history. It may seem insignificant, but with the help of your $1 every ten years, we have been able to provide more than $5.1 million in grants and technical assistance to preservation projects throughout Idaho. Thank you for your support! 

The iconic Scenic Idaho Red, White, and Blue license plate was created for use by the Centennial Foundation to raise funds for the celebration of Idaho’s 100th anniversary as a state. The trademark was passed to the Idaho Heritage Trust in 1991, and the plate became the standard in our state in 1992. The state pays the Trust a fifty-cent-per-plate royalty fee for the use of our trademarked image, and these fees have served as our primary source of funding ever since 

The Scenic Idaho Red, White, and Blue plate with its embossed trees, mountains, and color gradients has its own place in history as the most intricate license plate ever produced at the time. New stamping and embossing technology had to be developed and implemented in all the state’s plate manufacturers. These innovations led the Scenic Idaho plate to be named ‘Plate of the Year’ for Best New License Plate by The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association in both 1987 and 1991. 

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