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Kelly Forks Cabin

Kelly Forks Cabin
Clearwater National Forest, Clearwater County

  • Grants: 1997, 2000

Location: Forest Road #250, Clearwater National Forest

The Kelly Forks log cabin is part of the Kelly Forks Work Center originally called the Kelly Forks Ranger Station. It is located at the confluence of the Clearwater River and Kelly Creek, 25 miles north of Pierce. During the mid-1930s the area was used as an Emergency Relief Administration Camp, and it is believed that this cabin dates from tht period. The log cabin is identical to a standard 1935 Forest Service plan C-4 with the exception of the support columns on the front porch. It was originally constructed as a stopover station between Bungalow Ranger Station and the upper North Fork. It was later used as a base station for packer trips to surrounding lookouts.

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