Historic Glenns Ferry Opera Theater

Historic Opera Theater,
formerly Gorby Opera Theater

Glenns Ferry, Elmore County

  • Grant: 1993, 2017, 2022 (restore main entry alcove)

Location: 128 East Idaho Avenue, Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623

The theater was funded by R. D. Gorby, designed by Tourtellotte & Hummel architects, for Vaudeville entertainment. It was built in 1914 as a vaudeville theater. It was soon after updates with movie equipment and became a movie theater to follow the “movie palace” movement. In subsequent years, the building hosted dances weddings, funerals, musicians, movies, and stage performance

After several closures the theater reopened in 1994, offering family friendly live plays each summer, and has been in continuous operation since. The Gorby Opera Theatre is located across from the site of the Union Pacific Depot in Glenns Ferry and is listed in the national Register of Historic Places. It serves as a cultural center for the community. School students attend drama classes in the buildings and melodramas are performed on the stage each summer.

For more information please contact Opera Theater Friends, Inc at glennsferrytheatre@gmail.com.

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