Historic Glenns Ferry Opera Theater (Formerly Gorby Opera Theater)

Historic Opera Theater, formerly Gorby Opera Theater

Glenns Ferry, Elmore County

  • Grant: 1993, 2017, 2020, 2022 – restore main entry alcove

Location: 128 East Idaho Avenue, Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623

The Gorby Opera House opened its doors in 1914 across the street from the Union Pacific Railroad Depot in Glenns Ferry. It was originally intended as a vaudeville venue and included projection equipment for moving pictures. Often referred to as Movie Palaces, the Gorby is one of 4000 such buildings built in the US between 1914 and 1922. Programming would usually consist of a variety of different stage acts followed by a film to round out the evening. The space also hosted many community events like socials, dances, bazaars, and funeral receptions due to its location next to the mortuary. The theatre reopened in 1993, where it has resumed its place at the heart of arts and culture in Glenns Ferry. The late-Victorian era Craftsman/Art Nouveau building retains its original façade, hardwood floors, bannisters, stairs, seats, and fans, and features a 100-year-old piano.

The Gorby Opera Theatre is located across from the site of the Union Pacific Depot in Glenns Ferry and is listed in the national Register of Historic Places. School students attend drama classes in the buildings and melodramas are performed on the stage each summer.

For more information please contact Opera Theater Friends, Inc at glennsferrytheatre@gmail.com.

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