Hagerman Historical Museum

Hagerman Historical Museum (Hagerman Valley Historical Society)
Hagerman, Gooding County

  • Grant: 2001, 2004

Location: 100 S. State Street, Hagerman, Idaho 83332

In 1909 the present day Hagerman Museum building was constructed by investors in anticipation of a railroad boom. These investors chartered the Hagerman State Bank of Idaho. Efforts to bring the railroad to Hagerman failed, but the bank endured. In 1916, with the creation of the national banking system, the bank changed its name to First National Bank. The bank operated until November of 1935 when it closed. In 1984 the Hagerman Valley Historical Society made it the local museum. The collection focuses on the history of the Hagerman Valley and includes pre-human natural history, focusing on the Hagerman horse and other fossils found in the Hagerman Fossil Beds; Native Americans, exploration and early activity by American, European and Asian emigrants and post pioneer history including collections related to notable citizens such as author Vardis Fisher and artist Archie Teater.

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