Greentimber Schoolhouse

Greentimber Schoolhouse
Ashton, Fremont County

  • Grants: 2022(roof and belfry repair)

Location: 4101 North 4400 East, Ashton Idaho

Constructed in 1906, the Greentimber Schoolhouse has been used in various capacities over the course of 117 years. It was originally used as a school and community center when Greentimber School District was still operating. In the 1950s, school districts in Idaho were consolidated and Greentimber was subsequently no longer needed as a school. The schoolhouse began to be used for weddings, dances, meetings and even voting. The Greentimber Goodfellowship Club has used the building continuously since they organized in 1935. Because of a clouded ownership issue, there hasn’t been very much maintenance to the building since the 1950s. In 2022 Fremont School District cleared the title and granted ownership to the Greentimber Historical Society.

For more information please contact Greentimber Historical Society

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