Glade Creek Campsite

Glade Creek Campsite (in 1805 and 1806)
Rural Idaho County

  • Major Grant to Purchase: $263,000 in 1998

Location: Along the Lewis and Clark Trail not far from Lolo Pass Visitor Center on Highway 12. Latitude 46.62278, Longitude -114.57361

We fell on a small creek from the left which passed through open glades some of which were one-half mile wide. We proceeded down this creek about two miles to where the mountains closed on either side, and encamped.

The explorer William Clark, 1805

Nestled on the bank of the meandering Pack Creek, surrounded by 200-year-old pine, fir, and spruce, the campsite provided a picturesque respite for the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805. The broad, high elevation meadow near Lolo now hosts a public campground, where visitors flock to see the already lovely area made even more beautiful by a blanket of camas blooms. Glade Creek is the only undeveloped site between Great Falls and Astoria, Oregon associated with the Lewis and Clark expedition, and widely considered to be the most immaculate site along the entire Trail.

In order to save this pristine campsite from being logged, the Idaho Heritage Trust, with the support of Governor Phil Batt and Dr. Stephen Ambrose, purchased the pristine campsite from Plum Creek Timber. The Trust provided a grant of $263,000, with matching funding coming from The Idaho Power Company, MJ Murdock Charitable Trust, Paul Allen Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and individual members of IHT’s board. The Trust then gifted this historic piece of untouched wilderness to the State of Idaho, so the site’s natural beauty can be the same wondrous oasis to contemporary visitors as it was to the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805.

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