Fox House, Wood River Land Trust

Fox House, Wood River Land Trust
Hailey, Blaine County

  • Grant: 2001

Location: 119 East Bullion Street, Hailey Idaho 83333

The C. B. Fox House is located in the middle of the original townsite of Hailey.  The original structure dates to 1881 and stood as built for four years.  Over the years additions were made and by 1906 the house was a two-story structure containing nearly 1800 square feet, making it a prominent residence in the new town.  One of the first permanent structures built in Hailey, the Fox House was purchased by the Wood River Land Trust in December of 2000 for offices.  The Land Trust replicated the house façade and restored the front porch.  Original windows and doors were also restored and reinstalled and the original siding re-exposed.

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