Dover Community Church

Dover Community Church
Dover, Bonner County

  • Grant: 2008, 2009, 2022 (foundation repair)

Location: 313 Washington St., Dover, Idaho 83825 (Go to Dover from Sandpoint and take a left towards the river.)

Dover Church was originally intended to be a summer dwelling for A.C. White and his family. On August 17, 1922 a fire broke out in Laclede, 12 miles east of Dover, that burned White’s business beyond salvation including the mill, factory and lumber yard. Instead of rebuilding, White opted to build and expand the mill that was idle in Dover. Having noted the need to house workers, White decided that he would move the 50 buildings he owned from Laclede to Dover. The buildings were moved by barge on the Pend Oreille River. 

The summer cottage was one of the last buildings to be moved during the summer of 1923. The White family decided they didn’t need the vacation home and opted to donate it to the community as a church. The Community Baptist Church first held services that year with A.F. White as their pastor. The church as well as the schoolhouse were the focus of the small community.

In 1930, during the depression, White’s mill closed. An unknown number of homes were moved further upriver to Sandpoint. Various houses from the move have since been altered and the few public buildings replaced or moved. Dover Church is recognized as the only original building from the move still in existence.

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