Copeland Hall

Copeland Hall
Copeland (Near Porthill), Boundary County

  • Grant: 2005

Location: Copeland, Idaho 83805
Copeland Hall is located on Highway One approximately 19 miles north of Bonners Ferry, just two and a half miles north of the junction where Highway 95 and Highway One meet.

In the 1930s the young men from Copeland, Round Prairie and Porthill formed a club and purchased close to six acres upon the bench from Dan Chisholm to be used as a permanent baseball park and community picnic grounds. Frank Bear, formerly of Butte, Montana, had played professional baseball. He helped them organize and built a baseball diamond to standard. Copeland Hall, owned at the time by Fred Ahlhorn, had been used for dances. Mr. Ahlhorn donated the building to the community in the 1930s and it was moved to the present site and has since been used as a community gathering place.

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