Commercial Trust Building

Commercial Trust Building
Lewiston, Nez Perce County

  • 2022(Masonry and Replication for the top Balustrades)

Location: 326 Main Street, Lewiston ID 83501

Built in 1907 for the Commercial Trust Company, headed by Wendell Hurlbut, this building was designed by John Tourtellotte. Tourtellotte was a prominent designer in Idaho who collaborated in designing the Idaho State Capitol, Boise’s Carnegie Library, and University of Idaho’s Administration Building. The Building is unique in various capacities including the tuscan granite pillars and the curved window that frames the storefront.

Wendell Hurlbut & the Commercial Trust Company abandoned the building in 1933 due to the great depression. The building has since been in occupance for various commercial uses. Today it is recognized as one of the last remnants of the Hurlbut’s life after the demolition of their mansion which was used as a childrens home for 50 years

For more information please contact the building owners at and at their office number (208) 503-0839

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