IDAHO’S HERITAGE CONFERENCE – Idaho’s Heritage Conference in Pocatello has been postponed until 2022.

Clearwater Historical Museum

Clearwater County Historical Society & Museum
Orofino, Clearwater County

  • Grants: 2006, 2007

Location: 315 College Avenue, Orofino, ID 83544

The Clearwater Historical Museum focuses on the people and history of the Clearwater River Country including Clearwater County, parts of Lewis, Nez Perce, Idaho and Shoshone Counties. The goal is to share the rich legacy of the Clearwater River drainage before recorded history to the present. The museum features artifacts relating to the Nez Perce people, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, gold mining, early homesteading, farming, logging and more. The Museum boasts over 4500 historical photographs. The museum is a residential structure with hollow clay-tile masonry exterior walls, and a wood framed-roof with stucco finished gables.

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