Cassia County Historical Museum

Cassia County Historical Museum
Burley, Cassia County

  • Grant: 2016

Location: 1142 Hiland Ave., Burley, ID 83318

The Cassia County Museum grounds include a collection of historic buildings and antiquities. One of those historic buildings is a log cabin. Bill Rice built the cabin in 1872 on a ranch in the Conner Creek area of Cassia County. Bill and his wife, Del, were the second family to settle in the Elba area. The original site of the cabin was the location of a stagecoach station along the Kelton route from Kelton, Utah to Boise. At different times, the cabin served as a schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop and a bunkhouse for the freight drivers that traveled on the stage route. In 1950 the cabin was relocated by Ed Kelsey to use on his ranch. And in 1972 it was relocated again to the Museum.

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