Cape Horn Hotel at Bradley Scout Reservation

Cape Horn Hotel at Bradley Scout Reservation
Stanley, Custer County

  • Grants: 2022 (foundation and log stabilization)

Location: National Forest Development Road 158, Stanley, ID 83278

In 1903 a couple of brothers referred to as the Rideout Brothers established a freight station for pack trains heading towards the Greyhound and Seafoam mining districts north of Cape Horn. In August 1903 a news article announced the opening of the station, hotel, stables, and bath house. Over the next decade, that single-story structure was transformed into a frontier hotel.

In 1906 William T. Burns acquired the enterprise from the Rideout Brothers and filed for a homestead patent. Multiple additions are evident from this ownership as the early enterprise grew from a freight station to a “Dude Ranch”. Upstairs there were four rooms to let and downstairs the community spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and lobby.

In 1909 Bessie Eldred Hasbrouck received her postmaster appointment, where she likely used the ground floor of the hotel as the general store and her post office. The 1910 Census lists a Hunter/Trapper, Packer, Miner, Laborer, Quartz Mill Engineer, and a Shopkeeper among its residents.

The cabins are a mix of construction from 1910’s to 1930’s. The Hasbrouck family lost their personal cabin to fire in 1919 and was possibly the reason for the sale to Dr. Fox and the start of the Cape Horn Lodge “Dude Ranch” in 1929.

In 1949 Dr Fox sold the property after constructing several additional cabins. The new proprietors continued to run a resort lodge and guiding service until they sold the property to the scouts in 1956. By undertaking the renovations, the historic buildings will be the focal point of the camp through which visitors to the camp can connect to this rich history.

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