1907 Coop Building, Malad

1907 Coop Building, Malad

Malad, Oneida County

  • Grants: 2019 – Washed, patched, and encased the foundation in cement to repair/prevent deterioration

Location: 25 North Main Street, Malad

The beautiful Evans Co-op building on the corner of West Court and Bannock Streets in downtown Malad City is a Renaissance-Revival style flat-iron building. Malad’s founders originally built a single-room log house on the site in 1865 after forming a cooperative. In 1893, the Evans brothers purchased the bulk of the Co-op’s stock and replaced the log structure to accommodate the growing business. In 1907, the flat-iron point was built when the JN Ireland Bank was added to the building. Up until the 1950s, a dance hall was located on the second floor and a bowling alley was operated in the basement. The department store continued under the ownership of the Evans family until shutting down in 2014. At the time, the Evans Co-Op Department Store was the oldest continuously running business in Idaho.

The building was purchased by the City of Malad and is currently undergoing a full restoration. They hope to move the city’s offices to the Co-op building and open the rest of the space to a variety of shops and services.

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