1872 US Treasury Assay Office, Boise

1872 US Treasury Assay Office, Boise

Boise, Ada County

  • Grants: 2019 – Replaced the front doors, fabricated with period materials according to original plans.

Location: 210 Main Street, Boise

During the 1860s, Idaho was the 3rd largest producer of gold in the United States. The closest mint, however, was in San Francisco, so there was great demand for an assaying office nearer to the mines. As such, the U.S. Treasury and Assay Office opened in 1872 and served its intended function until the 1930s. It was then handed over to the US Forest Service, where it was the headquarters of the Boise National Forest chapter. In the early 1970s, the building was handed over to the Idaho State Historic Society and is the current home of the State Historic Preservation Office. It is one of the oldest monumental structures in the Northwest and the first major federal building in the Idaho Territory.

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