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There’s no history without a good story.

We often speak to the importance of preserving our history and heritage for the future generations of Idahoans in advance of our Bicentennial Celebration in 2090. As our connections to the communities we serve deepen, we grow increasingly aware that preservation is a catalyst for cultural, social, educational, economic, and environmental advancement in our present communities.

Preserving historic buildings and artifacts helps define and distinguish our communities. They provide a strong sense of place and cultural identity that increases community engagement and stewardship. Historic preservation creates local jobs and opportunities for businesses to breathe new life into old buildings. It spurs investment and interest in historic downtowns, creates opportunities for heritage tourism, promotes green building and sustainability, and more.

We invite you to learn along with us as we share some firsthand narratives about how preservation projects have made a profound impact in specific communities and personal stories that illustrate the way in which historic places are an indelible part of our individual and cultural identity.

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Shining a Light on an Extraordinary Woman: Marjorie Hyde and the Spalding Presbyterian Church

Marjory Hyde (Marge), the newest member of the Nez Perce Circle of Elders, left Lapwai and her fond memories of the Spalding Church to pursue a long career as a …

Just Homestead Idaho Heritage Trust

Lessons from Long Ago: Emma Just and Staying Sane at the Edge of the World

The Just Homestead stands as a physical representation of a life’s work. Several lives, in fact, as Emma, Nels, and their children painstakingly built not just a house but a …

The Historic Wilson Theatre: More Than a Venue

Following a herculean restoration effort, The Historic Wilson Theatre is the heart and soul of Rupert’s bustling downtown once again.

An Innovative Community Vision for an Historic Carpenter Shop

A new meeting space is bringing people into the historic SITPA site and immersing them in McCall’s history.

The Storied Snake River Stampede Stagecoach

This fully restored 1800s mud wagon provides firsthand experience and insight into an important facet of frontier life.

Idaho’s Suffragette: Ruth Maynard Hunt

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we would like to share the story of Idaho’s youngest First Lady and noted suffragette Ruth Maynard Hunt.

Share Your Stories

The Idaho Heritage Trust believes in preserving historic structures not only for the time and place they exemplify, but also for the personal stories they represent. These stories strengthen community bonds and speak to the importance of preserving our beloved landmarks.

Do you have a family story or meaningful anecdote tied to one of our projects? We cordially invite you to share your story with us!

Send us an email through our contact page, and we would be thrilled to share your story with the world. Make sure to include your name and contact information, so we can reach out for any additional information and give you due credit.

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