Donna Woolston, Moscow

Announcing the Idaho Heritage Trust’s New Executive Team

BOISE – Confirmed at a board meeting earlier today, the Idaho Heritage Trust would like to introduce the Executive Team that will lead the organization through the next three years. We are eager to build on our past successes and expand our impact with new programs and policies. We believe these remarkable individuals will provide the leadership, governance, and fundraising prowess to elevate our organization to new heights in 2021. Without further ado, here is our Executive Committee:

  • Chairperson: Donna Woolston of Moscow. As the owner of Appearances Marketing & Promotions, Donna’s marketing expertise will help broaden our reach and is matched only by her unyielding dedication to serving her community. Donna is a gifted leader, always empowering and encouraging those around her and putting them in the best position to succeed. We are thrilled to have Donna in such a prominent position and are excited for what we will achieve during her tenure.
  • Vice-Chair: Alan Minskoff of Boise. A celebrated author and Director of Journalism at the College of Idaho, Alan has used his considerable talents to champion preservation projects in both small towns and his home city of Boise for decades.
  • Secretary: Amy Linville of Emmett. Amy is a retired history teacher and volunteer at the Gem County Historical Museum with an infectious enthusiasm and unique talent for making history come alive.
  • Treasurer: John Hiler of Mountain Home & Prairie. An avid historian and published author, John has served on the IHT board for 29 years and provides a wealth of institutional knowledge, out of the box thinking, and a delightful sense of humor.
  • Chairperson Emeritus: Judy Mortimer of Idaho Falls. Following her term as Chairperson, Judy will continue as part of the Executive Committee, where we will benefit from her keen organizational eye and innate knack for facilitating communication.

This esteemed group will work hand-in-hand with Executive Director Katherine Kirk to lead the Idaho Heritage Trust through an exciting period of growth and development. Further information on our board members and Executive Team may be found on the Our Team page and keep an eye out for more exciting announcements from IHT in the coming months.

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