Support Historic Preservation Projects in 2020

The Idaho Heritage Trust Awards $190,000 to Support Historic Preservation Projects In 2020

BOISE – In continuing our mission to serve all Idahoans by preserving our culture and history, the Idaho Heritage Trust has granted $136,550 to 23 projects in 18 counties to preserve our beloved historic structures. With the help of our grants, our awardees will raise an additional $463,230 in matching funds to complete their projects. We are humbled to be part of such a generous and motivated community that, despite the many difficulties this year presented, joined together to be dedicated stewards of our collective heritage, ensuring what we love about Idaho is maintained for years to come.

The Avista Corporate Fund for North Idaho fully funded the awards to The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum and The Crane House Museum. A joint award was granted to The Music Conservatory of Sandpoint, as well. All projects were selected by board members following an application process and technical review by the State Historic Preservation Office and assessment by a regional volunteer committee.

In addition to the grants awarded, the board approved $53,500 for architectural, engineering, and conservation consultation to preservation projects throughout the state. Historical Architect Fred Walters, Civil Engineer Eric Hasenoehrl, and Historic Mason Budd Landon have over a century of collective experience in their fields, and their invaluable expertise makes even the most daunting projects possible.

To better understand the varying types of projects we fund, we would like to highlight three of our grantees from this year. We begin with the imposing Our Lady of Tears Catholic Church, which has overlooked Silver City since 1898. IHT awarded $10,000 in matching funds and expert consultation to provide sorely needed repairs to the wood siding, which rattles whenever the wind picks up and is a serious structural concern for the long-term health of the building. In Genesee, The White Spring Ranch Museum was provided $1,730 to restore the windmill that generated power for the farmstead in the 1930’s and touch up the exterior paint on the farmhouse. Lastly, The Jane Daniels Ashton Archives was in desperate need of archival materials to properly handle and preserve their collection of historic documents like photographs, newspapers, and postcards. They received a grant of $621 in this pursuit.

As you can see, we are ready and capable to help grantees overcome all sorts of obstacles in their quest to preserve beloved pieces of our collective history. Congratulations to all our awardees for 2020, a complete list of which you can see below. Learn more about the Idaho Heritage Trust’s projects and how to apply for your own grant at


Idaho Heritage Trust’s Grantees for 2020:

  • 1910 City Hall, Music Conservatory of Sandpoint – $10,000
  • 1929 Oden Hall, Oden Busy Bees, Sandpoint – $4,193
  • 1904 JC white House, Museum of North Idaho, Coeur d’Alene – $8,478
  • 1901 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Wallace – $3,060
  • 1891 Crane House Museum, Harrison – $1,500
  • 1885 White Spring Ranch Museum, Genesee – $1,730
  • 1937 SITA Buildings, Central Idaho Historical Museum, McCall – $4,000
  • 1910 Atlanta Jail, Atlanta Historical Society, Atlanta – $1,250
  • 1860 Boise Basin Mercantile, Placerville Historical Museum, Placerville – $10,000
  • 1910 Ola School, Emmett Independent School District, Ola – $12,500
  • 1927 Patricia Romanko Public Library, Parma – $4,500
  • 1898 Our Lady of Tears, Diocese of Boise, Silver City – $10,000
  • 1914 Gorby Opera Theater, Glenns Ferry – $8,950
  • 1920 Minnie Miller Barn, Ritter Island, Thousand Springs State Park – $10,000
  • 1914 Thorn Creek School, Gooding County Historical Museum, Gooding – $5,370
  • 1906 First United Methodist Church, Twin Falls – $10,000
  • 1960 Union Pacific Caboose, Cassia County Historical Museum, Burley – $4,000
  • 1955 Faun’s Motel Neon Sign, Old Town Pocatello Foundation, Pocatello – $4,798
  • Vintage Quilt & Clothing, Oneida County Historical Museum, Malad – $2,200
  • 1887 Just Homestead, Presto Preservation Association, Firth – $6,500
  • 1919 Clock Cigar Shop, South Custer County Historical Society, Mackay – $9,500
  • Archival Supplies, Jane Daniels Archives, Fremont County District Library, Ashton – $621
  • 1890 Bishops’ House, Friends of the Bishops’ House, Boise – $3,400

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