The Bishops’ House

The Bishops’ House
Boise, Ada County

  • Grants: 2002, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2019, 2020, 2022 (carpet removal and hardwood floor repair)

Location: 2420 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise, Idaho 83712

Built in 1889, the impressive Victorian mansion was home to a long succession of Episcopalian bishops who led the Boise diocese. Following this capacity, the Bishop’s House went on to house St. Margaret’s Episcopal High School for Girls, which became Boise Junior College and eventually Boise State University. It gained further significance as the home of Boise’s first senior community in the 1960s. The building was slated for demolition in 1975, but thanks to the efforts of The Friends of the Bishop’s House organization, the beloved house avoided destruction. The Bishop’s House was then moved to its current location, where it is available for the public to rent as an event space. The interior is maintained in keeping with the Victorian era, replete with wallpaper, the original floors, window coverings, and antique furniture and paintings.

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