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Historic American Women’s League Chapter House

Historic American Women’s League Chapter House (Peck Community Library)
Peck, Nez Perce County

  • Grant: 2010, 2013

Location: 217 N. Main, Peck, ID 83545

In 1909, a chapter of the American Women’s League was formed and a Chapter House built in Peck, Idaho.  The AWL provided education and other programs that addressed women’s issues including a correspondence school, an art academy, a lending library, an outlet for sales of handicrafts, a widow’s retreat, a loan and relief fund and chapter houses. The Peck chapter house is a well-preserved representation of the distinctive features of the Prairie Style buildings designed for the American Women’s League by the St. Louis architectural firm of Helfensteller, Hirsch, and Watson.  Designed specifically to reflect the AWL’s belief that a woman’s important role in society was homemaker, the chapter houses were residential in massing, scale, materials, and detailing.  The Peck chapter house retains the original features including copper lined planter boxes, the AWL emblem over the front door and a relief plaque entitled “Woman’s Mission” set into the chimney above the fireplace.  The chapter house is one of two built in Idaho and is the only one remaining. Today, it houses the Peck Community Library.

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