Help us preserve the Spalding Presbyterian Church!

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Help us preserve the Spalding Presbyterian Church!

The Idaho Heritage Trust preserves Idaho’s rich cultural history by providing grants and technical assistance to preservationists in every nook and cranny of the Gem State. Our grassroots efforts on behalf of all Idahoans honor the legacy of our ancestors, enrich our present lives, and ensure our collective heritage will be enjoyed for generations to come.

This year the Trust is raising funds to help preserve the Spalding Presbyterian Church. Henry Spalding brought the Presbyterian Church to Nez Perce country and built a devout congregation near Lapwai. The first services held in the Spalding Presbyterian Church building occurred in 1876, and the building is still used and maintained by a small but passionate congregation. It is also a component of the greater Nez Perce National Historical Park.

After years of sedimentary deposits in Lapwai Creek, the church now floods every spring, causing progressive water damage and leaving mud throughout the sanctuary. In order to protect this important and beloved building, a berm must be built and a drainage system installed to divert the rising waters. The total cost of the project is estimated at $35,000, and that is where your generosity comes in.

Please help us save this irreplaceable historic building!

To read the full story “Shining a Light on an Extraordinary Woman: Marjorie Hyde and the Spalding Presbyterian Church”, visit our website 

*For more than 30 years, the Idaho Heritage Trust has supported over 550 preservation projects in every nook and cranny of the Gem State through brick-and-mortar grants and expert technical assistance. In some previous instances, the Trust has raised funds for a specific project. A few notable success stories in which we have played a major role include funding for the acquisition of the historic townsite of Chesterfield, the purchase and donation of Lewis & Clark’s pristine campsite at Glade Creek to the State of Idaho, and the restoration of the Silver City Schoolhouse.

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